Эвийн хүчээр элэгдэшгүй чанарыг бүтээнэ


“Evt Chuluu” LLC has been operating in the field of construction materials production and trade since 2006. Our factory processes ingredients in accordance with MNS EN 206: 2017, MNS1185: 1998 and internationally accepted standards in terms of technology and values quality.

Since 2013, we have been operating a Chinese brand Zoomlion concrete batching plant, producing concrete as the main raw material for construction, and working as a reliable partner for customers.

In 2019, the second plant will be put into operation and increase its capacity to produce 1,200-1,800 m3 of concrete permeable from BM100 to BM400.

In addition, “Evt Chuluu” LLC has been producing dry construction mixes since 2014, producing import-substituting products for the construction sector and contributing to the market by supplying products that meet the requirements of MNS - 6424: 2013 standard.